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Small businesses have a limited number of employees and working capital. So effective utilization of available resources is required to improve sales and thereby profit. Issues that could occur in a small business involve inventory management issues, fund limitations, unorganized shelves, low product performance rate etc. The problems related to inventory management can lead to overstocking or under-stocking issues. 

How will using a planogram solution take care of these issues?   

Planogram helps in proper planning of products to be placed in shelves and organize the unorganized shelves. Planning products to be placed in shelves can be calculated by the product facings in shelves. This will help to calculate the number of products to be supplied and help small business to avoid over-stocking issues. Compliance management include checking compliance of shelf with the proposed planogram. Any under-stocking problems can easily report and solved by using a planogram software with compliance managements.   

Creating planograms can be done using various tools, including Excel. However, creating them in a tool that's not designed for the purpose will lead to errors and redundant work. You can avoid these problems by choosing an effective, cloud-based planogramming solution. Many small business institutions may be reluctant to use a software solution to solve these issues due to limited fund and low opportunity for training. By opting for a planogram solution with monthly licensing, small businesses can overcome cost constraints associated with many costly solutions. In this way the capital won’t be blocked. In small businesses, understaffed category management teams are bound to multitask regularly. A simple and user-friendly planogram solution can help simplify their workload. If the planogram solution is simple and user-friendly, then planogram management won’t require additional training and won’t burden the category management team. 

Product performance indicate sales based on revenue performance. To improve the sales the product should be arranged in store in such a way to increase the sales. The buying behavior of the customers can be exploited by using tactics such as keeping product at line of sight to catch the customer’s attention and design the visual merchandising plan. For a small business institution utilizing visual merchandising options is a best way to improve sales and help small business institutions to improve performance. 

Nexgen POG is multi-device compatable planogram solution that will help you to access, share and edit planogram on any device even on your phone. This planogram software is easy to learn and use. Compliance feature in Nexgen POG helps in keeping the planogram compliance with the shelf and avoid other related issues. It provides optimum, store-specific planograms that will increase product visibility and thereby boost your sales.   

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