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Are you an investment manager? 

Even though maximising return for your client is your primary concern, the importance of client support services is growing day-by-day. This is very important because in a competitive environment clients demand transparency. You can be transparent to the point that the clients are informed about the assets in which investment is done (public or private equities, real estate, entire companies, etc.), specific investment principle or guideline, transaction details, partner calls and other events. If customers are satisfied, they will invest more. 

A strategic move to make your clients satisfied with your investment decisions is to reveal the research reports regarding the potential growth and decline of value of assets. By doing so, decisions made according to these researches can be justified.  

How can you do this? 

One option is to share the information via emails on regular basis. The data can be stock exchange fluctuations, your profit/loss of the day and relevant research reports. But is it a convenient way for both an investment manager and clients? When email is used as a medium for communication, continuous daily email reporting to all clients should be made. It can sometimes be troublesome for client to find all updates; on the other hand, it will be difficult for investment managers to send out these targeted communications. Another drawback is that the client does not have access to online tracking data and dashboard to analyse previous performance reports.  

Investor portal is a secure reporting portal that can be used to keep the client informed about what is going on with their investment and the general market. It can include real- time data about assets in which clients are invested in. The research report and historical data can be made available to clients through investor portal. This will make the activities of investment managers transparent to clients. 

When looking for an investor portal software, the most important aspect to consider is data security. A good investor portal should also have features like real-time data update, availability of research reports and historical data about investments. 

  • Real-time updating will help to quench the thirst of clients to know about their investments. Investor portal will give the real-time data about the assets in which clients are invested and its profit /loss.  

  • The research reports can be provided through an investor portal. This will help in knowing why investment decisions are made.  

  • Investor portal will help the client to know about the performance of shares invested in different companies over time.  

So, a proper investment portal implementation will help the clients to know about their investment and investment manager can make their work easy and retain clients.  

Nexgen Investor Portal is a fully customizable, web-based reporting system that gives investors easy access to information and reports about their investments. This feature-rich, user-friendly investor portal solution completely redefines how the client access, analyse and view their financial information. 


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