New trends in the Retail sector Leading to Sales Growth

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New trends in the Retail sector Leading to Sales Growth

With technology development and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IOT), large data capture, transfer as well as analysis became handy. Implementation of these technologies into the retail sector leads to sales growth. By using AI, we can set up smart shelves based on image recognition. Also, IOT helps to link manufacturing, warehousing, and retail outlets to improve supply chain efficiency.

Ticket raising in compliance can be done by sales personnel, ticket raising is done when

problems encountered in the execution of a process as per plan. The concerned personals may review the issue and take necessary actions. Unlimited licensing is a solution to make the sales personnel-based system more effective. With unlimited licensing, multiple front-end employees will be able to raise tickets based on the identified problems. Then a middle-level executive could address the issue and take necessary actions.

Or an AI managed system may track products at the shelf, shelf-space available, out-of-stock conditions and/or percentage of free space available. Both have their own merits and demerits. In AI & IOT based system the data will be real-time, but costly. Whereas sales personnel-based system is cost-effective but lack real-time tracking.

In this ever-changing market environment, it is inevitable to lose sales if you don’t upgrade yourself with the help of technology.

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