5 Benefits of using an easy planogram

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Using a planogram in your retail store will lead to more happy customers and more sales. When you are using a planogram, either for the first time or you already have one, but want more people in your organisation use it, then what you need is a simple and easy planogram tool. Here are the benefits that you can have while using an easy planogram.

1. Start out simple:

There are many organisations, big and small who follow an incredibly complex process which takes a few months to begin with a planogram strategy. The problem is when they finally complete the process and start to implement planograms in store, they already lost a lot of sales and happy customers along the way. For this reason, they have to depend on a catman team to look after the whole process.

The catman team professionally handles all your shelf space management but may not be affordable for you if you belong to the SME sector. Easy planograms are made to make your life a lot easier. It is easy to use and can be implemented without much complexities.

2. Simplify space planning:

Space planning using data recorded in spreadsheets is of course a misery. Particularly historical data is extremely hard to capture in spreadsheets. Space planning using an easy planogram, helps you to analyse your actual space usage, compare it with the planned space usage and make informed decisions.

2. Spend less and invest more:

Planograms are expensive software but easy planograms are highly affordable. Also, more number of user licenses can be purchased for your team at a pocket friendly deal.

4. Less training and more learning:

Employee training is an essential part of the planogram process. Usually training is the part where you will have to spend a lot of money. Your planogram team are the ones that will need to be replenishing the shelves and they required to be trained for it. An easy planogram is easy to learn & use and so it can be mastered in hours from any device, from anywhere there is an internet connection.

5. Keep track of your shelves:

You can keep track of your shelf spaces with an easy planogram on a consistent basis. You can create and share planograms to anyone to show them how your shelf spaces look like and make sure that there is no any discrepancy.

Learn more about ensuring planogram compliance.

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