How to create a planogram

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Planogram is a visual merchandising tool which helps in managing and allocating products on the retail shelf spaces by classifying product categories as separate business units to meet customer demands effectively.

Creating a professional looking planogram is often perceived as a complicated task. Most people are intimidated by the complexity of space planning software and the ways through which category specialists achieve business goals.

Nexgen POG is a web based, very easy to use planogram aimed at making everyone to planogram. This easy to use software doesn’t require you to attend any long training courses or invest a lot of time studying its specifications.

Now, how to start with planogramming? With the following infographic, we show you how to create a planogram for your product or store. Nexgen POG provides you some additional features also but we are leaving out all these in this infographic.

To know more about Nexgen POG, get a free planogram trial!



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