Two planogram strategy for sales

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Two planogram strategy for sales

Considering the purpose of a planogram, which is to increase your sales, it’s hard to decide against implementing them in your in-store sales strategy. While doing so, you are able to please your customers and understand how well your products are received.

There are many misconceptions regarding the actual purpose and function of a planogram. Often confused with the usage and features planograms offer, many don’t understand the role that planograms have in turning a product into dollars! What if everyone in your organisation can help you with planogramming? This is where a planogram strategy using more than two planograms works!

It can be tiresome to design unique planograms for each and every store where your products are displayed - it can be resource heavy and risky on sales side. What you need is strategically planned product placement throughout all outlets so that your retailer partners can help you with increasing your sales. For this you can adopt the two-planogram strategy making use of two or multiple planograms.

How to create a planogram strategy?

Planogramming isn't a new concept. But Nexgen has renewed the concept by redefining the way you use planograms. No matter which planogram your category specialists or power users use, you can implement a simple planogram like Nexgen POG as well in your sales strategy. We would recommend some highly sophisticated planograms for your category specialist or power users and a simple planogram for everyone else in your organisation.

Implementing this strategy will increase your sales by making everyone in your organisation a planogram savvy. Your power users can group similar stores together according to the store size, demographics, sales data, etc and apply the same sales strategy and your normal users can help with meeting customer demands immediately.

Nexgen, has been helping companies with planogram solutions. We had been told that this all sounds too good to be true. Well, it's true and many of Nexgen's clients have already employed this strategy and boosted their business growth. You can try out the free trial of Nexgen POG and see for yourself if the planogram strategy using more than two planograms is working for your sales.

Nexgen POG is an easy, web based and highly user-friendly planogram with unlimited licenses and unlimited sharing options. Here's the  free version of Nexgen POG!


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