Why space planning is easy for anyone in the retail industry?

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Being in the retail business gives you that constant challenge to deal with the ever-changing shopper needs. Planning and organising products on shelf spaces efficiently is the goal which you, like anyone in the retail industry try to achieve. Don’t you?

In this highly competitive customer-driven market a planogram software has become more than a necessity to highlight the visual representation of shelf spaces and execute their selling strategy.

Spreadsheets and paper works are not sufficient anymore!

If the thought of having to find a planogram software makes you anxious or keeps you intrigued at, then this blog is for you.

Yes, there are a number of planogram software to choose from and many aspects to consider. Now that you are looking out for a visual merchandising planogram that perfectly fits you, it’s your turn to demand more from your providers.

But planogramming is not that easy usually. Is it?

It often requires resources and expertise and of course time! But if you are a small retailer or your strategy is to increase your sales by expanding the planogramming provisions to more number of users/staff, especially the sales force, then what you require is a simple planogram that is highly user friendly and easy to learn.




Another bigger aspect is the huge investment that you would need to spend for the planogram software and for the recommended devices on which the software should be installed. Many a times the users, mostly the sales force team or the retailer (in case of small retail business) have to wait for the main category management team for any editing on the standard designs for even the minor alterations in the product promotions. So, an affordable, web based and easy planogram software can serve the purpose.

The fundamental intension of the planogram is to help the customers with their shopping, making it simple and logical, ensuring they can locate and purchase the item they are looking for.

A good planogram software includes all of the above - a good design, highly user-friendly, online accessibility, sharable, affordable, multiple user licenses, unlimited template creations and highly accurate and efficient.

This makes planogramming easy!

Another important aspect to keep in mind when you’re choosing the right space planning software is that you should look for a customer centric space planning solution provider. They can give you the best mix of software solution and support services which can ultimately bring you success.

Hope this blog would help you to check all the features mentioned above, before deciding to purchase the planogram that suits you.

If you are looking for a retail planogram software why don’t you go ahead and put us to the test? Here’s a free trial of our leading planogramming software, Nexgen POG. During the free trial, you will get access to our team, training videos and technical support. 

Make Your Own Planogram Now!

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