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In business, data enables you to make day-to-day decisions and long-term strategic plans. Important data reports used in decision making are sales report, space report, capacity analysis report. 

Nexgen POG is a planogram software which is used to develop, share and implement planogram. Along with developing planogram in an easy way Nexgen POG also provide services like import PSA and XML files, compliance management, report management, etc. Nexgen POG has sales analysis, space analysis and capacity analysis reports which will help planogram developer to optimize the planograms.  

The sales data can be imported to Nexgen POG by authorized personnel who have access to products transaction details. The sales data can include the time period of sales, current sales volume, previous sales & change in sales volume of products, space to sales ratio, etc. It also includes information regarding the movement of products on specific shelves which helps the planogram designer to decide which product should be placed in which shelf. Let us say, the sales of a product in a planogram is low and a shelf provide high movement of products in the same planogram regardless of the brand/product placed there. Planogram developer can place the low sales product to the shelf which has high product movement to promote sales. This will help category managers to design planograms in such a way to improve sales by strategically positioning products  

The space report includes information about shelf space available for visual merchandising and space share of products. Here the report consists of product details, length, and breadth of the shelf, number of product facing and percentage of space used by each product in the shelf, section & planogram in total. This will help planogram designers to determine the space allotted for each product and brand and thereby help to design brand blocks for specific brands. This report will also help to get an idea about the total space share of each product and find if there is any possibility to rearrange products to increase space utilization to get the optimum planogram design. 

The capacity report in Nexgen POG will include the total capacity of shelf including length, breadth, depth of each shelf and total volume occupied by each product and the free space. It also keep record of space utilised by each brand in specific with respect to total capacity and percentage share of space used with respect to total space utilized by all products. Capacity analysis report helps the planogram designer to find total space utilized by each product and rearrange the planogram in a way to avoid low margin products to occupy the majority of shelf space. The report also helps to control total space utilization and avoid wasting shelf space. 

These three reports will help the planogram designer to improve the planogram. Space and capacity analysis reports will help to analyze the space to sales ratio based on profit margin and optimize planogram. The shelf share of each product and brand also can be kept under the desired limits by analyzing these reports. It is also possible to include custom fields in these reports for example, including fields to compare the brand ratio of products on the shelves. Including brand ratio in the report will help the category manager to promote the sales of specific products by giving more exposure. The Stock-out problem can also be avoided by analyzing the usual sales volume and movement of products. So, Nexgen POG provides reports useful in effectively optimizing the planogram design according to the market while giving the option for customization. 

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