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Why Should You Use Planograms In Retail?
Planning out how you will use your retail space is not always easy. From determining which products go where, how many facings, customer walk flow, prominent displays, you need to plan out every detail.  Planograms are the most effective tool that assists you in planning out the minute details of retail space.
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Planogramming Cross- Merchandising

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Planogramming Cross- Merchandising
Cross-merchandising is a powerful strategy to stay ahead in this competitive retail landscape where shoppers are seeking an experiential shopping environment. It is a merchandising methodology of arranging products from different categories together. The products placed together shouldn’t be any random products but have some logical connection to prompt the shoppers to make the purchase.  
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Sharing Planograms Online Using Nexgen POG
Imagine you are a retain chain with stores across multiple locations and you have created your merchandising strategies using planogram. How do you ensure that all your stores in multiple locations are in sync with company’s merchandising and promotional strategies?  
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Convenience Store Planograms - Design Tips
Planogram designing for convenience stores have to be done with fine detailing as the product assortments are mostly for customers who want to pick up a few items and easily move to the cash register. Recent surveys by NACS show that 83% of in-store merchandise purchased from C-stores is consumed within one hour of purchase in the USA.  
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