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What do you need to know before investing in a planogram?
 Some retailers may wonder why they should use a planogram software. There can be several barriers that force retailers to think this way. So, for a first-time user to select a planogram software certain factors should be considered.
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Technology and planogram compliance

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Technology and planogram compliance
Planogram compliance always come in handy when you are a retailer and need to keep shelves arranged in a proper manner. Planogram compliance is simply making sure the product’s arrangement in merchandising display is exactly same as in the planogram. Planograms are designed to ensure sales growth by implementing neuromarketing strategies. Any errors in implementing the planogram would result in disruption of the plan and could result in brand switching and low sales volume. This makes ensuring ...
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Improve sales with Shelf layout and planograms
The arrangement of products on a shelf is a major factor which leads to making customers more interactive and will improve store sales. It is because, when a customer enters a store the points of interaction are shelves. When shelf space successfully influences the customers then the purchase behavior can also be controlled. There are different formats available to display products.
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