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Do sporting goods need to be visually merchandised?
Sports indicate a word that denote passion, most of sports activities influence the emotions of the people. Other than for fun and passion sports also help to maintain fitness. Variety of products aiding in sports activities are available in the market. Is there any possibility of visual merchandising in the sporting goods industry?
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How to increase sales of soft drinks?

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How to increase sales of soft drinks?
As an FMCG product, the sales of soft drinks depend upon the effective tactics that are utilized to exploit customer psychology. FMCG products are low-cost consumer goods that is used for day to day usage. A customer chooses a soft drink based on the cost, brand image, availability, visibility, health factors.
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New trends in the Retail sector Leading to Sales Growth
With technology development, innovation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IOT), large data capture, transfer as well as analysis became handy. Implementation of these technologies into the retail sector will lead to sales growth. By using AI, we can set up smart shelves based on image recognition. And IOT helps to link manufacturing, warehousing, and retail outlets to improve supply chain efficiency.
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Reap benefits by using an Unlimited Licensing for planogramming
In FMCG, food and beverages industry, grabbing deals is by evoking the impulse buying behaviour of the customers. In the current market scenario, it is crucial to rearrange the planograms according to the local trends. The sales volume is directly dependent on the market responsiveness of the industry. Nexgen POG is the best solution for easy, unlimited licensed planogram designing.
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