Planogram Software

Retail Industry – A Case Study 

Planogram Software

Customer Profile:

We have selected two clients in this study, who faced similar space planning challenges. We provided them with a single solution, which was then uniquely customised for each of them. First client is one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world, with over $60 billion in revenue. The other client is also a leading food and beverage company in United States, with a full line of dairy and soy products.

The Business Challenge:

Both clients faced a peculiar business challenge: despite being leading brands, their sales growth was often hindered by the lack of transparency in their sales process. They invested in highly sophisticated planogram software like JDA, to be used by their category management team and power users. Their sales teams, including account managers and field staff, who didn't have access to the planogramming software, had to wait for their category specialists to provide them directions and changes on the standard planograms for in-store execution.

These clients wanted their existing solution to be augmented with an option to include more users in their planogram strategy and execution. But their existing planogram tool couldn't solve this, because their licensing was costly and the tool was too complicated for the wider userbase. The field users needed a simple planogramming solution, accessible from anywhere, without the complexities of their existing planogram software. What could solve their problem was a simple planogram software that could be seamlessly integrated with their existing system.

Solution Through Nexgen Partnership:

Nexgen POG was found to be a solution that integrated well with the client's existing workflow and hence, a perfect match for their requirement. Extending the privilege to build, edit and share planograms to a wider userbase would save a lot of time and effort in executing the sales strategy.

Nexgen POG, one of Nexgen's flagship products is a user friendly, powerful and affordable cloud-based planogramming solution. It works well on all browsers and mobile devices. This planogram software is easy to learn and use. Anyone from expert to novice can create store specific planograms that will increase product visibility, space optimization and sales.

Training users on the complex planogramming software was another area of challenge for our clients. The cost and time associated with training large number of users on these complex systems were prohibitive in many ways. In contrast, Nexgen POG is extremely easy to learn and intuitive to use. Most users were able to start creating and sharing planograms within hours.


The cost benefit of using Nexgen POG for the larger user base, alongside a full-featured space planning tool for the expert users, is tremendous. In many scenarios, most users don’t get the full benefit from an expensive, fully featured planogram tool. Nexgen POG is a perfect match for such scenarios.

Our clients in this study were able to add several hundred field and franchise users to the space planning process without the usual cost and training overhead. Since they opted for our unlimited licensing option, they were able to offer the solution to a much wider audience without worrying about additional per-user cost. Another benefit both of these clients experienced was the easy mastery of Nexgen POG by their users, demonstrating faster ROI from well-planned planogram-driven strategies.

Nexgen POG has been part of these leading international brands for over a decade. Thousands of users from around the world are utilizing this platform to create unlimited number of planograms daily to stay ahead of the competition.