Planograms for unorganized markets

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Planograms for unorganized markets
The majority of the retail markets, worldwide, especially in developing countries are dominated by unorganized markets. How can we improve organized markets?
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Add your standard planogram templates easily on Nexgen POG
Looking for a planogram software that can make your planogramming fast and easier? Nexgen POG is not only the easiest solution, it can do much of the planogramming for you!
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How to connect your existing product library to Nexgen POG?
We have been discussing about the different features and benefits of using Nexgen POG in many of our blogs. In this blog, we are sharing a few questions we have been asked and our answers to them.
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Examples of shelf display planograms
The best way to understand planograms is to look at some examples of planograms. Nexgen POG provides a few templates and you can either edit those create new planograms using Nexgen POG. Let’s look at a few planogram templates.
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Reduce the number of licenses of JDA similar software with an alternate planogram solution
Nexgen has been approached by many companies who have been using Apollo, JDA and Spaceman for planogramming but could not make the most out of those software. These companies were looking for alternate planogramming solutions which are much more user friendly and less complex.
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Looking beyond planograms created on excel and retail ppt
In this blog, we are going to talk about the limitations excels and retail ppts have and how a more advanced easy planogram tool can help in filling those gaps.
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How to make planograms easily- a better tool than excel and retail ppt?
Of course, excels and ppts are simple to use and affordable. But how efficient and error free are they? Take a look and experience the benefits of using the simple planogram, Nexgen POG.
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Are you planogram-ready to make the most from your retail business?
Many companies still rely on spreadsheets and power points for creating and sharing planograms despite their limitations. What if your business grows beyond? Are you ready to reap when you get the opportunity to expand your business?
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4 Tips to build an effective space planning team
Here are 4 tips that you can use to build an effective space planning team.
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How can planogram software help your field executives?
Manufacturers rely heavily on field executives’ ability to work independently to ensure if their products are properly stocked in the store. Here's one method that help your field executives become more efficient.
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