How effective is your planogram tool for driving your sales team’s selling strategy?
Planogram is found to be the most effective tool in planning and building sales. Does your sales team use a planogram software for their selling strategy?
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How does a planogram software that can easily import PSA, XML and XLS formats reduce space planning cost?
In the retail world, a product’s position on the shelf greatly affect its performance. A planogramming tool can help you ensure if you are managing your spaces to their full potential.
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Why should you rethink about using spreadsheets and powerpoints for planogramming? 
Here are the reasons why you have to rethink using spreadsheets and power point for planogramming and ways to improve the efficiency of your planograms.
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How can account managers benefit from Nexgen POG, the easy planogram?
Organizations with a defined space planning process are more likely to meet and exceed revenue targets. For this, key account managers strive to enable value creation in the organisation through the effective use of digital tools and processes.
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5 Benefits of using an easy planogram
Using a planogram in your retail store will lead to more happy customers and more sales. When you are using a planogram, either for the first time or you already have one, but want more people in your organisation use it, then what you need is a simple and easy planogram tool. Here are the benefits that you can have while using an easy planogram.
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Why use an easy planogram for your business?
Planogram software can be simple or complex depending on the users it is meant for. The catman team requires a highly sophisticated planogram whereas the field force demand an easier version.
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Factors leading to planogram non-compliance- how to avoid pitfalls?
There are many methods that are used to ensure planogram compliance. The easiest being using a simple and cost friendly planogram software along with the one you use for optimal product placement.
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How to achieve planogram compliance at store level?
What if you have a system which helps your sales force quickly access the planogram template online, mark the products on shelves as such in the store and share it among the power users or category management team?
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How to start building a planogram in 3 simple steps?
Are you someone, who knows well about product categories, sales and so many things in store but had not tried planogramming by yourself or may be, you depend on a category specialist for your planogramming? In this video we will be showing you how easy planogramming is for anyone who is not an expert.
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How to get started with planograms?

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How to get started with planograms?
Planograms are used to effectively manage retail shelf spaces which in turn makes products more appealing to shoppers. Implementing planograms leads to increased sales. Planogram can be simple or complex depending on the size of the business.
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