What is managed services?

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What is managed services?
As technology further diversified and more security threats emerge every year, more companies have begun to outsource their IT requirements. Since outsourcing has become an umbrella term for any service that you assign a third-party provider, outsourcing is sometimes used a synonym for managed services. Managed service is slightly different from an outsourced service.
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Empowering your team is the best way to ensure planogram compliance. Why?
Planogram is one of the most important category management tools used by retailers.Before implementing a planogram software to ensure compliance it is good to check and confirm the following characteristics.
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Understanding managed IT service for your company
Through managed IT services, businesses are able to reap the benefits of receiving IT consulting and support at a reasonable cost in comparison to creating a competent IT team in-house. See how!
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4 Reasons why small retailers are turning to planogramming
Planogramming helps to increase sales. But it’s not just about increasing sales - there are also other reasons why small retailers are turning to planograms.
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5 Tips to make your software project outsourcing a success
The demand for IT service outsourcing has highly increased over the years. There are many success stories about how outsourcing their software projects have freed up time, saved costs and brought in quality and expertise into their business to compete in their industry. Here are 5 big tips to make your software outsourcing a success.
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Three common obstacles to planogram execution
A well-planned and executed space plan strategy is crucial for any business and helps companies to considerably boost their sales. However, the implementation of those strategies, sometimes, does not work as intended inviting unexpected losses, mostly a decrease in sales. Why is that so?
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Managed service providers are more than just an outsourced IT provider
Just like how we could not imagine a world without internet, it is hard to believe a world without managed IT services. Here is how they evolved!
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Things to be considered while choosing an IT oustsource partner
The benefits of outsourcing are many, but some companies still doubt on how to find the best vendor whom they can entrust their business with. There are some vital factors that can help you select a reliable one.
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Outsourcing IT support services - pros and cons
There are methods to ensure the positioning of your business even without the support of an inhouse technical team. This is the reason why any business should consider outsourcing their IT services.
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 Why should distributors use a planogram?
You might be thinking, what would a distributor do with a planogram, aren’t you? One of the biggest misconceptions about space planning is that retailers are the ones who gets benefitted from planograms and that distributors have nothing to do with planograms.
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