Nexgen POG

Nexgen POG – Planogram Designer/Shelf Space Planner

Nexgen POG

Nexgen POG or planogram designer is a web based visual merchandising tool which helps in managing and allocating products on the retail shelf spaces by classifying product categories as separate business units to meet customer demands.

Merchandising brands has become easier with our planogram design interface, offering a hassle-free shelf interaction with a simple drag and drop and a one touch selection for product placement. Fixtures, products and point of sale(POS) elements can be easily added or removed easily and the product can be accessed from any smart phone or tablet.

The 2D capabilities with high end specification graphics of our planogram software provide space planners with a detail front and side view of the planogram. Space planners can share or send the design in any format and final deliberations about items can be made in real-time with instant feedback. With a compilation of shelf space planner reports, retailers and suppliers can see everything in a single place.